Andrea Prandi (Verona, 1979) started studying painting, decorative arts, and anatomical drawing at Verona’s G.B. Cignaroli Fine Arts Academy, then working for many years alongside Prof. Giorgio Scarato, an illustrator with an international reach.
He has been in various solo shows and exhibitions from 2011 until today in Italian cities and abroad (Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Dubai, Miami, and New York).

Andrea Prandi’s art runs the gamut from digital art to video art, and from sculpture to art installations.
His work Panspermia was named Best Digital Art in 2015 at the X Florence Biennale. He also received the Premio Arte by the Italian magazine Arte (Mondandori Editore), in 2016, at Palazzo Reale Milano.
In 2017, Prandi was chosen to give his take on the “La Marge” art exhibition’s theme in the Guatemala National Pavilion in the 57th Biennale di Venezia. He presented Blooming Soul, a kinetic installation paired with video art which narrates the subtle concept that separates Man from their inner child.

The labyrinth theme, presented for the first time at his solo show Maze of Dreams (2017, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona), is now his peculiar signature artistic identity.

The artist submitted the first cycle of works on the labyrinth line theme in 2017 at the Pall Mall Gallery in London, continuing through 2019 with various exhibitions, amongst which those at the Grande Moschea in Rome, the International Contemporary Art Fair in Thessaloniki, and the MAC Museo Arte Cultura in Milan.

Prandi's latest profound artistic research evolves, with the LIFE >< LINE series, into a new creative investigation that aims to represent reality according to its dualistic nature, like the very structure of our brain. Each work, which embodies a "thought form," is manifested through the principle of complementarity typical of quantum mechanics. To study dualism is to understand that the external observation of our dual and opposite halves is the essential path to the inner understanding of ourselves.

The first sculptures of the LIFE >< LINE series were exhibited during the official events of Expo 2020 Dubai in January 2022, while the complete LIFE >< LINE Sculpture collection was presented, in collaboration with CITCO, at the Art Miami International Contemporary Art Exhibition in December 2023.